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FyiColoradoSM is a Colorado website directory and information resource for Colorado Internet users, businesses and organizations. It has been developed for website promotion and Internet marketing for Colorado websites to provide Internet users with a wide variety of online resources and services.

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The vast majority of Colorado websites can't be located on the search engines which is bad for businesses and consumers. The FyiColoradoSM Internet directory was created to be a concentrated and powerful online resource for Colorado consumers and an ideal promotional source for Colorado website owners.

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Businesses benefit because they do not have to compete for a "top 10" spot on search engines in order to get noticed. Businesses may also be listed in several categories which increase their exposure. Listings appear in FyiColoradoSM in an organized manner that consumers can easily locate. The cost of inclusion is low, and advertising costs are low.

All advertising in FyiColoradoSM will be from members only. No outside advertising will be available. Also, we are working hard to make sure member advertising is in view as much as possible to the end user. If you'll notice, on the page you are viewing now, we have purposely created a separate scrolling window for this long page in order to keep the ads viewable at all times. For another example, go to movie listings page and put in your zip code for movies in your area. You'll notice instead of scrolling down the page and covering up the ads at the the top, we've designed the listings to scroll within it's own area keeping the ads visible. It's a small thing, but it equates to valuable additional exposure.

The FyiColoradoSM directory is being deigned to appeal to a large number of Internet users by providing a variety of services - not just a list of websites. More traffic will offer more opportunities for FyiColoradoSM members to be noticed.

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Consumers benefit because it's easier to locate websites of businesses, organizations or groups in their city. FyiColoradoSM is also a growing online resource of consumer information and services including online calendars, free classified ads, speedy movie listings, business coupons, up-to-date local and national news, and more.

FyiColoradoSM is purposely designed with little multimedia or Flash on the main pages for fast loading for dial-up users and also for simplicity. We're not against multimedia or Flash, and we will employ it's use for specific purposes. We also use text links for navigation as much as possible for language translation software to enhance usability for non-english speaking users.

We think many Colorado Internet users will make FyiColoradoSM their home page as a quick-loading and simple resource to Colorado information.

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The developers of FyiColoradoSM are experienced in website marketing and have propelled numerous websites to top-ten rankings in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Over time, FyiColoradoSM will receive noticible exposure on the web, and specifically in Colorado. Web designers and Internet marketing companies will encourage their clients to list their websites in FyiColoradoSM for low-cost additional marketing exposure as well.

The low cost of inclusion and low-cost advertising are incentives to encourage new membership while FyiColoradoSM expands. In the future, as FyiColoradoSM grows, we may charge higher fees for advertising.

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FyiColoradoSM is niche resource for Colorado only, and not just for the major cities. FyiColoradoSM is designed to be a resource for all Colorado communities. There are many "directories" on the web, but we believe FyiColoradoSM will be attractive to most users because of the wide variety of services and uniqueness.

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FyiColoradoSM is not a search engine, although specific searches for Colorado are easily performed on the website. This is important because many businesses and organizations can be categorized in various ways. By using the search tool a user can find members even if they aren't in the specific category they were viewing. As long as the member has used a detailed description in their listing, the chances of connecting are high. In this respect, FyiColoradoSM is more like a "search directory".

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Our current rates are as follows:

Current Membership Rates

Take advantage of the low prices to advertise your business.  Prices are subject to change at any time.

Charter Membership Listing

$9.00 (one-time fee)

Premium Listing

Top of your category and a Random Text Ad  on all pages of the directory.

1 Year

Add $19.00

Additional Listings

$5 each

Graphic Banner Ad at the Top of FyiColorado Pages

$29 (3 MO), $49 (6 MO), or $99 (1 Year)

All websites are reviewed but not all websites are accepted into FyiColoradoSM.

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For two reasons. Membership for new Charter Members is low because FyiColoradoSM is new. As membership grows and the site gains popularity the costs will increase. Secondly, our intent is to make FyiColoradoSM available for everyone. This is better for the members and users alike.

For now, advertising, classifieds, coupons and other services are being offered for free as additional incentives to gain membership and user attention.

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Introducing other Colorado website owners increases the website's membership and usefulness for Colorado Internet users. This is why we are paying referral fees to those who introduce new Charter Members. We are also interested in attracting a wide variety of clubs, non-profits, and other organizations that may not get noticed in search engines and that consumers would like to know about.

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A Charter Member is any business or organization that joins FyiColoradoSM during our initial launch. Charter Member's receive lower advertising costs until FyiColoradoSM has reached our proprietary membership target goal. After FyiColoradoSM has reached an undisclosed number of memberships Charter Memberships will be discontinued.

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To enhance the idea of membership, FyiColoradoSM is planning to hold several drawings for free print or radio advertising for Charter Members. Rather than one grand prize drawing we prefer to hold several drawings of lesser amounts. The drawings will be in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 and the winners may choose how to spend the advertising money. The vendor selected must be a Colorado-domiciled company. Drawings will commence soon after our initial membership targets are reached.

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FyiColoradoSM is curently offering free link advertising. Banner ads are also available at the top of the pages for a nominal cost. The ads are "clickable" and will refer the user to the the advertiser's website or a specific page on the advertiser's site. Of course, with membership rates as low as as they are, this banner advertising may increase in cost in the future.

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Yes, premium listings and banner ads are available as well for FyiColoradoSM members.

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No. The idea behind FyiColoradoSM is to promote membership so no advertising will be served on the FyiColoradoSM website from outside sources. We realize this is unusual, but the idea is to promote Colorado-only businesses and organizations that participate by paying a very low-cost membership fee.

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Yes. By introducing businesses and organizations to FyiColoradoSM you can develop a nice part-time income. We are eager to increase the size and scope of FyiColoradoSM and introduce new services, so we will pay others to help us. See the details on part-time income.

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Yes. Non-profits, clubs, churches and other organizations interested in fundraising ideas may introduce new members to FyiColoradoSM and develop a nice fundraising campaigne that's unique, simple, useful, and profitable. See the details on fundraising opportunities.

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We intend to continue adding more services and features that will draw Colorado Internet traffic to the site. We understand there is no vacuum of information websites on the Internet but we are also aware that most information sites are monetized by outside advertising and expensive banner advertising. We believe FyiColoradoSM is and will continue be a unique and community-minded online resource and an inexpensive Internet marketing tool for website promotion that "connects" Coloradans.

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